Best mirrorless cameras under 1000 dollars


Best mirrorless cameras under 1000 dollars

Mirrorless cameras are high in demand nowadays because of their autofocus which is considered to be fast and precise, plus these cameras are portable with fast shooting speed as compare to DSLR cameras. Even we can buy a high-quality mirrorless camera on a budget without sacrificing its quality features. There are so many available models in the market anyone can buy according to budget. In mirrorless cameras, lenses play an important role in overall performance because these lenses are responsible for controlling the amount of light entering the camera. The amount of light that enters the camera decides the depth of field of the image and stabilization. Moreover, lenses can add weight to the camera.

Here is a list of top best mirrorless cameras under 1000 dollars.  

1)  Sony a6400

Sony a6400 is considered to be the best of all available mirrorless cameras for under 1000$. It has a compact well-built design which makes it easy to carry. This mirrorless camera has a flip-out screen for making videos and selfies. It provides an impressive image quality with defined and detailed photos, impressive autofocus system with excellent performance which makes easy to tack moving object.

Videos in 4K and FHD can also be recorded using exceptional autofocus. Unfortunately, the anti-shake in this camera is not good to smooth out shake so the camera may not be ideal to record handheld videos. Inputs for microphones are not available which can be unsatisfactory. Overall this mirrorless camera provider incredible performance at a reasonable price of 898$.      

mirrorless cameras under 1000 dollars

2) SONY a6100

If you are finding a versatile camera on a budget SONY a6100 would be a great option to buy it’s a portable mirrorless camera easy to use, having a well-balanced distribution of weight with a textured hand grip. The battery life of this camera is quite satisfactory could last a day depending on the settings you use. One of its significant features is high-quality autofocus.

Body image stabilization of this camera is not good enough that’s why handheld videos are hard to record. The market price of this mirrorless camera is 750$.

3)  Canon EOS M200

Another camera that should be on the list of best mirrorless cameras under 100$ is Canon EOS M200.  This mirrorless camera is portable with a flip-out touchscreen which has sharp and bright colors visible even under sunlight. It has an incredible performing autofocus system which gives good quality photos and FHD videos.  But the camera doesn’t have a well-defined handgrip which makes it difficult to hold the camera. It can record videos up to 4k resolution. The market price of the Canon EOS M200 450$.    

4)Fujifilm X-T200 

Fujifilm X-T200 is in the option of best mirrorless camera cameras is because of its large receptive articulated touchscreen, APS-C size sensor, and 24.2-megapixel sensor with image capturing capability of 8 frames per second.

Some other features which are associated with Fujifilm X-T200 are electronic stabilization, 4K video recording, a variety of different available lenses, excellent ISO performance, input for headphones. Battery time is not so good and don’t weather have weather sealing. Available in the market at 799$.  

5) Fujifilm X-A7

Fujifilm X-A7 is another camera from Fujifilm series it’s a simpler version of the X-T200. It has a simpler touch screen which makes the camera easy to use with an APS sensor. This mirrorless camera is more like a hybrid between a smartphone and a camera. There is a wide variety of lenses of different focal lengths made by Fujifilm that can be used in this camera.

Some other important features are this camera uses 24.2 megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor that can capture 6-8 frames per second and electronic stabilization. The downside of this camera is that it doesn’t have any built-in viewfinder. Available in the market from 650 to 699 dollars.

6) Panasonic Lumix G85

This camera is one of the best mirrorless cameras for photography and videography and is the preference of many photographers.  It’s a micro four-thirds sensor camera, main benefit of using Panasonic Lumix G85 is that any micro four-thirds lens from different manufacturers can be used in the camera.  It provides us a large range of options at different price rates of a micro four-thirds lens like Olympus, Panasonic, Rokinon, Sigma, and many others.

Some of the significant features of Panasonic Lumix G85 are 16 megapixels, MOS sensors with the capability of 6 to 10 frames in a second. It can record 4K videos up to 30 FPS (frames per second).

There are some downsides of this micro four-thirds sensor camera like, don’t perform better under low light, gives us fewer details of the image, and less dynamic range.

Overall this mirrorless camera great buy for those who want fine quality videos, and photos 4K limit of recording videos, and sharp colors. The price of the Panasonic Lumix G85 is around 998$. 

7)Panasonic GH4

Panasonic GH4 is an old but popular camera with good features. It has a micro-four third sensor, solid-body design body with compact structure, and weather sealing which protects the camera from damage. The battery life of this mirrorless camera is above the average slot for a memory card is also present at the side of the camera. The camera doesn’t have a good autofocus system and image stabilization. It’s a good video camera that provides a good package of picture clarity and color sharpness minimum blur. Panasonic GH4 price is 697$. 

8)          Olympus E-M10

Olympus E-M10 is a stylish camera with advanced features at a really attractive price.  This camera has 16 megapixels four third MOS sensor and the range of sensitivity varies from 105 to 25600 ISO. At the maximum resolution, this camera provides a speed of 8 frames per second. We can connect Olympus E-M10 to any smartphone or tablet through Wi-Fi to transfer data. This camera has a built-in viewfinder and a very sensitive touch screen. One of the recommended camera lens is 45mm f/1.8 ED M.ZUIKO.  The market price of Olympus E-M10 is 350$.

9)          Samsung NX 3000

It’s a multifunction compact portable mirrorless camera that has 20.3 megapixels of APS-C sensors. The exceptionally fast shutter speed of 1/4000s allows us to take pictures of moving subjects without worrying about blur. Because of the availability of Wi-Fi and NFC photos and videos can easily be shared in this camera. Pictures and files can be instantly transferred easily using photo beam technology in Samsung NX3000. IS system in the camera prevents blurring effects in photos and videos. The ideal recommended lens for Samsung NX3000 is 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 power zoom ED OIS. You can buy Samsung NX3000 at 999$.

10) Nikon 1 J5

Nikon 1 J5 is a versatile, small and light weight camera. There is a powerful processer in this handy mirrorless camera. It has APS-C and micro four-thirds image sensors. Video recording speed is 1080p with up to 80 frames per second. Interchangeable lenses provide more dynamic photos. The lens which works best with this camera is 10-100mmf/4.0-5.6VR. Nikon 1 J5 is available in the market at 650$.



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