Best point and shoot film cameras

mirrorless cameras under 1000 dollars

Best point and shoot film cameras

It’s fun to use point and shoot cameras because these are easy to use, compact, easy to carry, and lightweight as well. Although these cameras do not have high image quality because of the lenses and other limited features, these cameras are still in demand and are used by people at parties and all kinds of life events. When we talk about the best available point and shoot cameras these cameras are usually categorized on the basis of best image quality, price range, durability, portability, and availability. Here are some of the best available point-and-shoot cameras for under 100 dollars. Best point and shoot film cameras
point and shoot film cameras
point and shoot film cameras

1. Contax T2

The feature which makes this camera number one is the finest lens that can be found in any point and shoot camera. The lens associated with this camera is Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 38mm f/2.8. Other than lenses the metallic body and fine finish make this camera so attractive. T2 cameras are used by many filmmakers and even many celebrities who are fans of this camera. The reason for its popularity in the film industry is its control on an image that provides exposure lock and exposure compensation is not a popularly known feature of a point and shoot camera. This camera can be found at 850$ this price is considered a little high for a point-and-shoot camera.

2. Yashica T4

The lenses associated with Yashica T4 are Zeiss Tessar T* 35mm f/3.5 which provide high-quality images with rich colors. Like other point-and-shoot cameras, this camera has a plastic body which makes it lightweight and portable. Flash is another feature found in this point-and-shoot camera that’s why this camera a preference of many professional photographers. The market price of Yashica T4 is 45 $.

3. Olympus Stylus Epic

This point-and-shoot camera is also known as Mju II. It has a compact plastic body with a lens of 35mm f/2.8 fast as compare to Yashica T4 in speed. Stylus Epic is completely automatic in focusing and exposure comes with the features of flash mode and self-timer. This camera is quite durable and waterproof. The market price of Olympus Stylus Epic is between 200$ to 250$.

4. Olympus XA2

It’s another point-and-shoot camera from Olympus series. Because of the absence of any incorporated flash these cameras are found in small size and considered to be the smallest of point and shoot cameras. Flash is detachable which is connected to the side of the camera. There is no autofocus in the camera which makes it fast in use. With the small toggle right next to we can select the focus distance varies between 1.5 meters to infinity. Olympus XA2 can be found less than 200$ least expensive in all point and shoot cameras but provide quality images and durability. Best point and shoot film cameras

5. Nikon L35af-op-

Nikon cameras are known for their high-quality image provided by sharp Nikon lenses of 35mm f/2.8 with amazing focusing power. The camera is large in size and not portable as compared to other point-and-shoot cameras but it can give you great control over the image because of advanced features. If you are someone who doesn’t mind 80s looks and bulky size of the camera and only concerned about the image quality and durability plus looking for a reasonable price with good features this might be a great choice for you.

What features make a point and shoot camera best

Best point and shoot cameras should be affordable and simple to use even a person who is not an artist or photographer could easily handle it. On the other hand, it should have good image quality.
  1. Water proof and durable
Point and shoot cameras are normally made of unbreakable plastic which is shock absorbent and water-resistant. Perfect to carry anywhere like travel, birthday parties, and wedding functions.
  • Longer zoom as compare to smart phones 
Normally point and shoot cameras give you a zoom range of 3-5x which is considered better than smartphones. This feature provides better results in professional photography.
  • Affordable and simple 
Point and shoot cameras are considered starter cameras, which are designed to provide additional advantages over smartphones with their additional features. The most common feature is optical zoom.

What features make a point and shoot camera best

There are so many available options to buy in the market it’s very important to choose the best one. Here are some points which will help you to get your hands on the best point-and-shoot cameras. Before buying point and shoot cameras some of these features should be kept in mind.
  1. Camera zoom
While comparing different point-and-shoot cameras, it is significant to distinguish those that apply optical zoom vs. digital zoom. Digital zoom provides a long range of zoom but image quality is not good. There are some available point-and-shoot cameras that provide both optical and digital zoom. If you want a camera with good zoom lenses you should go with optical zoom it provides better results as compared to digital zoom.
  • Optical Viewfinders
Many point and shoot comers don’t have any viewfinder but they have an LCD screen which helps to arrange shot. Some high-end points and shots have optical viewfinders which make an image more visible even in the sharp light when the LCD screen is not visible because of glare.
  • LCD screen
While choosing your point and shoot camera it’s important to consider the best quality LCD screen. LCD should be at least 3 inches in size to provide you a precise preview of the images. A good quality LCD gives better visibility and brighter colors even under sunlight.
  • Megapixels
There is a misapprehension that if a camera has more megapixels its image quality will be better but in reality size of the sensor in a camera play a more impotent role in providing clarity to the picture particularly in the conditions where light is low. If you want a point-and-shoot camera that provides better results in low light you should go with a large sensor. But if perfect zoom is required consider buying a camera with a small sensor.
  • Stabilization of image
This feature is also known as anti-shake. While taking pictures in the low light shutter close slowly it can give a blurred effect to pictures. Image stabilized or IS helps to prevent this blurring effect.  Normally two methods are used for this purpose sensor movement and optical image stabilization or OIS. Digital image stabilization is another technique that removes the blurring effect after a shot of an image.
  • Internet connectivity
In the age of the internet, it’s very important for a device to have internet connectivity. A lot of modern point and shoot cameras with built-in Wi-Fi are available in the market. Sharing pictures on the social medial of transferring data to other devices becomes easy by having built-in Wi-Fi. While selecting any point and shoot camera some of the features you might consider are high-quality lens, satisfactory zoom range, Anti-shake or stabilization of image, and size of LCD larger the size better the results. Point and shoot cameras are great to use indoor-outdoor events provides satisfactory picture and video quality that’s why these cameras are still in demand.


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