“Meditation” is attracting attention as a means of brain fatigue and mental maintenance. Some effects are expecting, like “relaxing and improving happiness” and “being smart and improving work performance,” but do you think it is challenging to do it? In addition to sitting in a quiet place and closing your eyes, meditation is an easy way to do it. That is “while meditation” that is performed while spending daily life. In this issue, we will introduce the benefits of “meditation” that help reset your mind and the five “while meditations” that you can incorporate into your daily life. 

What are the benefits of “meditation”?

Meditation is attracting attention as “relieving brain fatigue,” but many other effects can be expected. It is said that the brain’s fatigue is relieved, and the thinking becomes apparent so that the concentration is improved. The performance of work and exercise is enhanced. It is also a nice effect that meditation prepares your mind and makes you feel positive. Suppose you can make choices that are happy for you without being swayed by your emotions. In that case, your happiness in life will naturally increase.

What is “while meditation”?

I want to do meditation, but it is surprisingly difficult to “just sit down” and “concentrate on the inside.” Concerns always come to my mind, my concentration is interrupted, and I’m even more depressed when I can’t. If such a negative cycle is born, it’s a complete fall.

Therefore, I recommended, “while meditation.” It is also called movement meditation, and it is characterized by being able to perform daily activities while moving. One of the attractions is that you can easily do it without any special skills and don’t have to spend time.

A meditation that consciously performs the “everyday” that is taken for granted in daily life. You can feel free to work on it to live a little more politely than usual without worrying about “meditating.” At first, only 10 seconds is OK. Once you get used to it, the point is to increase the time to 1 minute and 5 minutes gradually.

From now on, I will introduce 5 “while meditations” that you can do while spending your daily life.

Meditation while preparing for the morning

It is a meditation performed in the morning while preparing to leave the house after waking up. After sleeping to the last minute every morning, getting ready, and going to work, are you tired by the time you get to work? Let’s prepare carefully one by one because it is a lovely morning, even for one minute.

The “while meditation” method only focuses on that one task.

When you wash your face, take a closer look at the sensation of scooping water with both hands and the condition of your skin today. Makeup and get dressed while watching TV and videos, consciously and carefully. You may notice something that you usually overlook, such as calm water, warm skin, and lack of energy.

On the day of “while meditating” in the morning, my head works, and my work progresses more than usual. Above all, the advantage is that you can start the day with a calm feeling.

 Cleaning “while meditating” clears the space and mind

Why don’t you make your daily cleaning time “while meditating”? Cleaning tends to be indifferent, so it is highly recommended for “meditation while meditating.” What, so cleaning the entrance, toilet, and stairs, and clean your mind as well as the dirt in your room.

It is recommended that you decide that 10 minutes of cleaning every morning should be a “meditation while” time, and change the location daily, such as cleaning the washroom today and cleaning the windows today. Your space and mind will be clean, and you will be able to spend your day comfortably.

While commuting or moving, walking “while meditating”

It is the so-called “walking meditation” that is performed while walking.

You can do it while commuting, on the move, or shopping, so it’s easy to work. In addition, it is said that serotonin, called the “happiness hormone,” is secreted by walking for 20 minutes. It can be expected to have a synergistic effect to increase happiness.

The recommendation is to walk barefoot. The feeling of the soles of the feet tends to be more delicate than when wearing shoes and it seems that you can meditate smoothly. The coldness of the ground and floor, and which part of the sole has the center of gravity? Let’s walk while observing.

Detox your mind and body, “meditation while taking a bath.”

You can also “meditation” every day during bath time. To work hard all day, soak in hot water slowly and carefully observe each sensation. If you add fragrant bath salts and bath salts, you can meditate more relaxed.

Source The good thing about bath meditation is that you can feel more delicate because you are naked. Let’s consciously enjoy the daily routine, such as the temperature of hot water, the feel of touching the skin, and the sound of water echoing in the bathroom. “While meditation” may calm your mind and improve your sleep quality.



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