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Mike's Camera

Mike’s camera is a reliable superstore which deals with selling cameras providing photography services. It’s a well-known company founded in 1967. Mike’s Camera prefers hiring fresh graduates from university of Colorado at boulder. About 27.8% employees of this company have attended University of Colorado at Boulder. This retail company has only 150 employees with annual revenue of around 8.5 million dollars. This organization provides their workers a pleasant and competitive environment which aims to nurture their personal growth.   

Mikes Camera Boulder

Mike’s camera team

Kaloust Christianian the owner of the company, Randy Edwards is the General Manager.

Ranking of Mikes camera

In the “Best retail companies of Colorado list” the ranking of Mike’s Camera is #63. These rankings are bases on financial health of companies, diversity of employees and data of salaries.  

Mikes Camera careers

Service duration of every employee in Mikes Camera is 4.1 years. Most of the employees join Mike’s Camera after working in Starbuck. After leaving Mike’s Camera most commonly they get their next job in Home Depot. 27.8% of 150 employees were students of university of Colorado. Most of the employees’ education is Bachelors in photography.

Now Mikes Camera is bringing photo printing and camera selling services to Boulder, Colorado, Lone Tree, Sacramento, Dublin, Denver, Pleasant Hill, Menlo Park and Pleasant Hill. 

Mikes Camera Boulder

Mikes Camera is operating three photo super stores in Boulder all of these stores are becoming favourite of photography professionals and amateur camera fans. The success of Mikes Camera business in Boulder is based on providing complete selection of photo and film cameras and other accessories required to take perfect photos, plus offering exceptional photo and film processing services. Moreover it is very important for Mike’s Camera to provide these services by expert and friendly staff.

Mikes camera Denver

After establishing first store in Boulder and Colorado in 1967. Mike’s camera is now operating 10 fully on service imaging stores in North California and Denver. The popularity of Mike’s camera is increasing in industrial professionals and amateur camera lovers. According to customers the efficient and friendly staff and quality work of their experts of Mike’s camera is the reason they are keep coming back for services. 

 Mike’s camera Sacramento

Mikes Camera is proving full service photographic retails and complete output sources, expert in all aspects of photography. The company has multiple stores in Sacramento having thousands of satisfied customers. Mikes Camera has grown to be the country’s biggest photo specialty retails, the company has 11 retail outlets in Colorado and Northern California. Mike’s Camera offers all kinds of printing including canvas. There are 5 stores of Mikes Camera around the Bay area and Sacramento and six stores in front range of Colorado market. Mike’s Camera also provides repair and rental facilities in Sacramento in their stores. Here Mikes Camera photography school provides site seminars and field services trainings to their students.

Frequently asked question regarding Mikes camera

What is smile club at mikes camera?

Slime club is the program of annual memberships, you can get a lot of saving by this program on all services like printing, filming, framing etc. Members of smile club save up to 35% for film developing with free of cost return shipping. To get annual membership of smile club you have to pay 24.99$ after one year you pay 19.99$ to renew this membership. Membership is free if you purchase a camera, or you present yourself a valid student or you have an active military ID. Photofinishing provided by Mikes camera represents the finest quality standards of the existing industry. Smile club is the leading and most promising photofinishing club. This club provides its members visually spectacular, archival prints from their specialized photographic lab. Plus the pricing is as low as you would expect from any wholesale or grocery store club. By getting member ship of Mikes Camera smile club you will get photofinishing discounts for twelve months whenever you will visit photo specialists. Staff of Mikes Camera is certified by the renowned “society of   photofinishing engineers” who are providing their customers best and quality services at the lowest prices. Photo papers used by these experts are “digitally optimized Fuji archive”.

How is mikes camera return policy?

Mike’s Camera services provides seven days of return or exchange offer for most of their products. Items you want to exchange or refund should be give back in “as new” condition, there shouldn’t be any visible marks or scratches. All parts of the packaging must be intact and include its components.          

How much to print pictures at mikes camera

Mike’s camera lab services provides lab prints with full correction options by lab experts.  Team here is full confidents about the quality and guaranties full customer satisfaction. Reprinting option is also available in case of any problem. There are ten labs of Mike’s camera in the California City and north Colorado plus online ordering from mobile and home shipping service is also available. Services like desktop digital files, mobile imaging and picture negatives are mostly in demand. Printing options include from glossy, matt to metallic finishing. Controlled lighting is used to check appropriate quality by professionals of Mike’s camera. Size of pictures ranges from 2.5”x3.5” to 12”x24” in different shapes including square, panoramic and borders and many other options. For packaging recyclable craft papers made in USA is used.

Mike’s Camera how to send pictures?

To send pictures and films print out business reply mail form of Mike’s camera for free shipping to the company. Fill the form and submit it, attach business reply form with pictures or film and drop in the mail. 


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