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Slow Motion Cameras A slow motion cameras has the capability of recording many frames per second. which is why when you slow the video down, more action is captured. Slow-motion cameras generally capture slow-motion at 120fps, 180fps, or 240fps, with shutter speeds of less than 1/1000th of a second.

 List of top slow motion cameras:

  • Sony RX10 Mark IV.
  • Canon G7X Mark III.
  • Blackmagic Pocket 6K.
  • GoPro HERO 8.
  • Panasonic GH5s.
  • DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal.
slow motion cameras

1. Sony RX10 Mark IV

The Sony RX10 Mark IV is a well-built bridge camera that’s announced for professionals. This camera comes to create and design magnificent slow-motion videos with a range of features. This includes User Bit or Time Code, Gamma Display Assist, and Proxy recording. The camera reports 120fps at 1080p but it has the capability of recording from 240fps to 960fps for super slow motion. This camera captures clips that are 40x slower than the basic time. Sony RX10 has High-Density Tracking AF technology which makes you concentrate on your moving subject which is necessary for slo-mo shots. Sony RX10 has three recording time options. When you press the shutter button, a start point records motion. The Endpoint continues shooting eventually. while the half Endpoint allows further shooting either way. The RX10 IV looks stable built-in Steady Shot structure that is brilliant in diminishing camera shake with little screen acceleration.

2. Canon G7X Mark III.

The Canon G7X Mark III is a compact digital camera. This camera has an important display of specifications features on numerous best-of lists, thanks to its impressive array of specs that extend far behind slow-motion video shooting. The camera’s modest autofocus structure bonds onto and chase your subject with an individual nozzle. The camera blusters a 20.9MP CMOS sensor with a stable visible image and it has a lens central diameter of 24 to 100mm. The covenant camera has the capability to have low intense shutter speeds and the largest frame rate of 120fps in Full HD for high-quality slow-motion shootings. It also can shoot 4K video at 30fps without cropping. Additionally, you can also shoot videos with a steep movie condition – good for social media!

3. Blackmagic Pocket 6K.

This authoritative camera is the camera on our list having the capacity of capturing 4K ProRes at up to 120fps. This can also shoot videos of 6K up to 50 fps. This camera has a Black magic socket which is most excellent for its extraordinary video quality. Additionally, this camera has a range of particular slow-mo. framework convenient in different professional-level Black magic Raw codecs. So that you can capture a lot of information in your shooting. this camera has 13 stops of dynamic range and you are fully free for color grading or arranging in post-production. You’ll also admire functioning with Black magic’s autofocus structure, which bonds onto your subject with a simple tap on the screen. But it’s also worth mentioning the camera’s dual ISO micro four-thirds sensor, which means it shoots incredible pictures in a low flash.

4. GoPro Hero 8

You can shoot Full HD at 240fps or 120fps. There are also 4K recording capabilities at 60fps. For super slow motion, during the footage playback, you can increase one second of a shoot out to eight seconds. This camera features Time Warp 2.0 means you can increase or decrease the speed of your videos with just a nozzle. The HERO 8 contains a stable Hyper Smooth 2.0 feature and a strong built-in back to assure a stable shoot.


This is a mirrorless camera that can shoot in 4K video up to 60fps without any time limit and its resolution is about 8MP. This camera can record at 1080p up to 240fps. So that it,s also capable of recording slow-motion videos of extraordinary quality. The GH5s performs especially well in low light position and produces awesome color recreation. The Panasonic mirrorless camera is also especially powerful, having a freeze-proof, splash proof and dustproof body. It is a big choice for travelers due to its lightweight body.

6. DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal.

An amazing addition to our list of best slow-motion cameras, the DJI Osmo Pocket is all in one camera. an action camera and gimbal as well. This tiny camera has a 12MP CMOS sensor. This camera can record slow motion at a framework of up to 60fp in 4K and up to 120fps in 1080p. Its mechanical appearance stabilization is the most notable thing which performs as a camera and gimbal system. This camera gives results in the form of professional glance recording and outstanding flat slow-motion videos from three-axis stabilization, which is impossible without a costly camera and gimbal. This lightweight camera is fun for those who aim to post their innovative ideas on social media. Slow Motion Cameras What camera is best for slow motion? For a high-quality slow-motion camera, the camera must have a high frame rate, which is known by the total number of frames per second captured by the camera. Choppy and stuttered videos show results that a camera has an average or high frame rate. Budget is the other considered factor. There is no need to go for a costly camera to captured slow-motion videos. Cameras with this capability can cost around $350 or above. Budget Slow Motion Camera 1. AKASO V50 Elite This is a moderate and good apparatus that works in slo-mo footage in a small amount. It is one of the low-cost action cams, but it still has a shortage of specifications that may offend ambitious customers. Not the less, this camera offers basic apparatus for home use. Research shows that this camera is not useful for professional shoots. However, a camera of $150 or less worth can catch 20MP shots, cover in 4K, and capture at a 60 frame rate of Slow Motion Cameras. There is 6 camera which is used to film 4K 120fps for capturing alow motion videos. The list of these cameras is: 1. Canon EOS R5 – $3,899 2. Canon EOS C70 – $5,499 3. Z Cam E2 – $1,999 4. Sony A7S III – $3,499 5. Sony FX3 – $3,899 6. Sony ZV-1 camera Sony ZV-1 Camera The Sony ZV-1 camera has been suggested as one of the best for 4K slow-motion videos. This Sony device is perfect for vlogging without losing focus. The Sony ZV-1 is a multi-purpose camera and is easy to use for its customers. Its main features are; the Sony ZV-1 is 4.15 x 2.36 x 1.7 inches, captures 21MP pictures, and shoots at 2160p. Additionally, this is a budget-friendly camera. Probably, These are reasons to select Sony ZV-1 camera.  Slow Motion Cameras Best Slow Motion Camera – Summary & Thoughts Slow-motion work is critical and demands a skilled professional to operate it properly. Although we recommend the use of slow-motion work you have to be careful not to overuse it. It’s feel bad to watch a video that overuses slow motion. It blocks being powerful at that point. Don’t be one of those guys! So, if you are searching for the best slow-mo camera, the list of these cameras will help you. Here your budget and your required specifications are your key factors so pay special attention to them.Slow Motion Cameras


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